Pavement Art & Screeving

One of the best websites to learn more about screeving and traditional pavement art is where there's a wealth of information.

Every year I try to get out on the streets of Britain with a street art piece. It’s something I’ve always done. When I was a student I did it for the money, competing for space on the street with a number of other pavement artists. It helped to pay for my home and food, but these days I do it because so few people do it any more and also so many people don’t believe that painting like this is done by hand anymore. So many times people are surprised when they see me work because they think thats it’s all Photoshop these days, or similar ways of creating images.


This is a full sized copy of Caravaggio’s ‘Supper of Emmaus’. The original painting is displayed in the National Gallery in London. This was painted on the streets of Manchester, Chester, Shrewsbury and Wrexham over the course of  around 10 sessons. It’s oil on canvas so that I can easily roll it up to take it to the next place, to continue the street theatre of painting.


The streets take a toll on the paintings, dust and dirt gets trapped in the drying paint and once one accidently caught fire, a cigarette was dropped next to the oil soaked canvas which started to smoulder and was only noticed when a few flames sprung up. I’ve been verbally abused by ‘living statues’ clad in white sheets as I was distracting people from their 'show'. It's also physically demanding, hard on the back and ankles and I'm yet to find a really good set of knee pads that help ease the days work.